Little Lady in White Marble

  • Empowering with a touch of elegance! This gorgeous piece was designed to remind you of the beautiful soul you are. 


    White Marble is a true classic that you can pair with any home!

    Its unique swirls mean no one will have the exact same piece as you.


    Size: 10cm x 4.5cm

  • Surfaces are sealed with a non-toxic wax, but please handle me with care!

    If your items get dirty, you can gently wipe clean using warm water and a small amount of dish liquid and dry straight away, but otherwise, keep dry to prolong the life of your item.

    Due to the nature of the materials used and the handmade process air bubbles and colour variations can not always be avoided, but we try our absolute best to keep these to a minimum.

    We try our best to keep each piece as close as possible to the range e.g. coastal, but our items are made to be unique and individual, making your piece the only one of its kind!